Illegal Adoption of Kaia
Illegal Adoption of Kaia



6/2/2014 - The Decision was released in February awarding a shared custody decision and joint decision making between the Family and her Biological Father giving primary care to the Family.  The Decision, a very dangerous one to all fathers, is being appealed to the Colorado Supreme court. Mean while Rob and his family are trying very hard to share custody of Kaia and see her as much as possible.  The visit are always challenged by the family but Rob and family still push to see her. 


10/24/2013 – Time to fight to bring Kaia home to her Daddy. Full Contested hearing scheduled for December 10th, 11th, and 13th. We are prepared to bring all constitutional remedies. Baby Girl deserves to be with her Daddy... Gonna bring you home this time. 


The Book is being written and in the works.

5/1/2013 – A great day… Colorado has jurisdiction as Utah fillay released it.  Colorado made orders for phone calls with Kaia and visit coming on May 17th. I can hardly wait to see my little love bug…

4/7/2013 – A new order from Colorado came in last week to get Utah to release Jurisdiction to Colorado.  Colorado should have never lost Jurisdiction.   Court hearing on Friday to get a hold of Jurisdiction from Utah. 

3/30/2013 - Things get more complicated as I miss my daughter more and more and time goes by that the family has not allowed me to see her or HER to see me. An offer to see her with three days to get to Utah made it nearly impossible to do.  Is the family getting the point that I am not going away and my daughter have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to bond and be together?

1/18/2013 - The drama continues as the PAPs have decided to take away my visits.  It appears we will be in court next week.  They are going against the MOU that we all signed. 

1/1/2013 – Happy New Year!!! What a great feeling it is to start to really get to know my daughter and spend quality time with her. She is adorable and everything I could have ever imagined. We will be on to the next steps in the reunification therapy and possible custody hearing in January.

10/05/2012 – Oh how sweet!  Everything is going as planed and working out.  This next couple of months will be so exciting.  Time to spend some time with my daughter.  I am counting down the days.

10/04/2012 – Everything could be coming to an end and Kaia and I will be reunited!!! Stay tuned as the final things are ironed out.

9/1/2012 – Finally September! Only 12 more days and I get to see my daughter.  Counting down the days and hours.  Therapist was to tell her I am her daddy in July. Hopefully I can hug my daughter and tell her how much I love her with her knowing I am her real daddy...

6/29/2012 - APPEAL DENIED!!!

This means there will not be a hearing to terminate my rights!

6/10/2012 - New Attorney Mike Cheroutes is on board fully. 20 + years in international custody fights.  Time to get agressive and get my Daughter returned to me.  I miss my baby girl so much. New strategy with Utah Attorney!  Feel so much beter about the future as we get my Daughter home.

5/22/2012 - The meeting with my Daughter went so well.  Wow, it was so amazing to see her for the first time since 2009.  She is beautiful!!

4/29/2012 - Orders of the court in Colorado.  A very big day for Fathers Rights.


Order Re Fathers Petition 4.24.12[1].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.5 MB]
Order re Mother's Petition 4.24.12[1].pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.5 MB]

4/22/2012 - A big win for the Wyatt's.  They now can hold Attorneys responsible for damages for the illegal adoption of our children.


This is huge for my case and all Fathers fighting the unlawful laws in Utah.

Custody battle near resolution.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [95.6 KB]

3/22/2012 - A great day in Utah!!!  Steps are getting closer and closer to bringing my girl home.



By Brook Adams

West Virginia Wisconsin

Alabama Putative Father Registry

Office of Adoption
Department of Human Resources 50 N. Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130-4000 (334) 242-9500

Arizona Putative Father Registry

Arizona Dept. of Health Services PO Box 3887
Phoenix, AZ 85030
(602) 364-1300

($5.00 fee &
self addressed stamped envelop)

Arkansas Putative Father Registry

Legal Section/Vital Records 4815 W. Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72205-3867 (501) 661-2275 501-661-2869 (fax)

($5.00 fee)

Delaware Registry of Paternity

Division of Child Support Enforcement P.O. Box 904
84A Christiana Road
New Castle, DE 19720

(302) 577-7171

Florida Putative Father Registry

Florida Dept. of Health Office of Vital Statistics
PO Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0049 (904) 359-6900 ext. 1096
($9.00 fee & specific form)

Georgia Putative Father Registry

Vital Records
2600 Skyland Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
(404) 679-4780 ($10 fee & specific form)

Idaho Putative Father Registry

Vital Statistics Unit PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036 (208) 334-5988

Illinois Putative Father Registry

3 N Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield IL 62701
(Online search access and $40 fee required)

Indiana Putative Father Registry

Indiana State Department of Health 2 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-7253

Iowa Putative Father Registry

Vital Records Bureau,
Lucas Building
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA, 50319-0075 (515) 281-4944

Kansas Putative Father Registry

Kansas Dept. of Social & Rehab Services PO Box 497
Topeka, KS 66601-0497
(785) 296-3237

Louisiana Putative Father Registry

Vital Records
PO Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160-0630 (504) 568-5152

MA Parental Claim Registrar

Office of General Counsel Department of Social Services 24 Farnsworth Street
Boston MA 02210
(617) 748-2011

Michigan Putative Father Registry

Vital Records, Health Statistics
3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard Lansing, MI 48906
(517) 335-9334 FAX (517) 335-9264
($10.00 fee)

Minnesota Putative Father Registry

Office of the State Registrar P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882 (612) 676-5466 1-888-345-1726 (toll free)

Missouri Putative Registry

Missouri Dept. of Health; Senior Services Bureau of Vital Records
PO Box 570
Jefferson City. MO 65102-0570

(573) 522-3233

Montana Putative Father Registry

Bureau of Vital Statistics 111 N. Sanders, Room 205 Helena, MT 59620
(406) 444-4228

($10.00 fee)

Nebraska Putative Father Registry

Nebraska Health & Human Services Vital Statistics Section
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

NH Putative Father Registry

Department of Health & Human Services Division of Child Support Services
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-4745

New Mexico Putative Father Registry

Laura Gutierrez, Registration Supervisor Bureau of Vital Records/Health Services PO Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM 87502

(505) 827-2338

New York Putative Father Registry

Capital View Office Park
52 Washington St., Room 323 No. Rensselaer, NY 12144-2796 (518) 474-9406

Ohio Putative Father Registry

Ohio Dept. Job and Family Services P.O. Box 182709
Columbus, OH 43218-2709 1-888-313-3100

(614) 728-2604 (fax)

(specific form to complete)

Oklahoma Putative Father Registry

Dept. of Human Services - Adoptions PO Box 25352
Oklahoma, City, OK 73125
(405) 522-5871

Oregon Putative Father Registry

Bureau of Vital Records PO Box 14050
Portland, OR 97923-0050 (503) 731-4492


Bureau of Child Support Enforcement ATTN: Paternity Services Coordinator Post Office Box 8018
Harrisburg PA 17105

(Inquiries may be faxed to 717-787-0297)

Tennessee Putative Father Registry
Department of Children's Services Cordell Hull Building - 8th Floor 436 Sixth Avenue, North Nashville TN 37243

(615) 741-9699 or (615) 532-5637

Texas Paternity Registry

Dept. Of State Health Services
P.O. Box 12040
Austin, TX 78711-2040
(888) 963-7111 ext. 7782 (VS134 form - $10 or $18 fee)

Utah Putative Father Registry

Bureau of Vital Records
288 North 1460 West
PO Box 141012
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012 (801) 538-6363 or (801) 538-6380

Virginia Putative Father Registry

Department of Social Services
7 North Eighth St.
Richmond VA 23219-3301 (877) 433-2339

Wyoming Putative Father Registry

Department of Family Services Hathaway Building 3rd Floor Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-3570 or (307) 347-6181

The following states do not have a Putative Father Registry.

Alaska California Colorado Connecticut Hawaii Mississippi Kentucky Maine Maryland Nevada New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota and South Dakota, Rhode Island South Carolina Vermont Washington

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